Den Helder Airport is one of the largest heliports in Northwest Europe and one of the most renowned, sophisticated Offshore Energy Heliports in the industry. Den Helder Airport is ideally situated close to the major oil and gas fields in the Central and Southern North Sea and near to several offshore wind farms, as well as future planned developments.


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This unique heliport has 40 years experience in offshore passenger transport and typically handles 120,000 passengers a year. Short waiting times are guaranteed at the airport.  The helicopter operators based at Den Helder Airport have full EASA qualified pilots and typically operate 30 – 35 flights a day to around 155 production platforms.
And despite the challenging weather conditions of the North Sea, Den Helder Airport has 96% availability, thanks to its excellent facilities and modern equipment such as its Instrument Landing System.

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Serving the North Sea offshore industry for more than 40 years

The international port of Den Helder has been a crucially important hub for the offshore energy industry in this region for over 40 years. More than 155 exploration and production platforms are in easy reach and the nearest wind farm is just 17 nm aw…

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Training and educating your employees of the future

The development of the offshore energy cluster in the Port of Den Helder and the region Noord-Holland-Noord goes closely hand in hand with the presence of renowned knowledge institutes. These include Endures, TNO, Imares, Wind Turbines Materials and …

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More than 200 leading offshore suppliers within easy reach

With more than 200 leading service companies, suppliers and main contractors to the offshore, renewables and maritime industry based in the region of the North Sea Energy Gateway, the supply chain is clearly represented. Many of these companies have …